You’re a Total Beginner? And You’re Kicking the Idea of Starting Tennis!

No Problem... With us We Help You Connect with a Tennis Pal...Get You to Serve. Rally & Score From Your 1st Lesson FOR JUST $14.99 a month*

T4A membership, it’s like having an expert tennis coach hold your hand, show you ‘Everything You Need to Do’ so you never hit the courts without a plan helps you connect with a suitable tennis buddy and have YOU play 20 to 50 shot rallies in a matter of just a few weeks! * And you can cancel at any time

Solo Shots Do It Yourself Practice System on Your Own Schedule

I’m so happy I decided to press play for Tennis 4 Apprentice. I’ve never been as consistent with tennis as I have in the last six months

So…You’re kicking the Idea of Starting Tennis? But Finding People to Play With is Challenging? No problem.., Tennis 4 Apprentice is THE Solution for You. It’s a Full Start-up Do It Yourself Tennis Practice System and Help Connect with Evenly Skilled  Players for Convenient Practice Sessions With Step by Step Video Progressions to follow that will Lead You Playing Controlled Rallies all the Way to Intermediate Level with Fun & Confidence in Just a Few Hours…Plus, it’s Super Affordable!!

I love Tennis 4 Apprentice so much because it’s geared towards Total beginners. Tennis 4 Apprentice is there to help you take your tennis to the next level in a seamless way.

Stop the Cycle of Failure

How many times have you said this? “Today is the day I’m finally going to hit out on the ball!” What happens next? The first sign of discouragement appears when you realize you’re spending most of your time picking-up the balls instead of playing! Nothing is more frustrating on the tennis court then the cycle of failure and not knowing what to do. My Solo Shots DIY Practice System in the membership will build your confidence because you are always hitting the courts with a plan and you will know exactly where to put the ball with proper techniques and when you should use them. Knowing what you are capable of doing makes a world of difference when it comes to learning a new sport.

Breakthrough the Practice Plateau

Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again in practice? Do you sometimes get frustrated or maybe even a little bored when you go out to practice with a friend or by yourself even if you think you know enough about learning tennis? Don’t feel bad...we all run into ruts. It is hard to always keep your practice fresh and know if you are working on the right things but the Solo Shot DIY Practice System in the membership has the right blend of consistency rituals and keeping you excited to hit the court.

Stop Wasting Your Time

Most recreational players focus on the wrong things in practice and practice the wrong way. One of the biggest mistakes I see...II call it the ‘game of sorry’ is when two players decide to play tennis, they immediately rush to the back of the court (because this is what they have seen on TV) smacking the ball to each other without even getting a rally of more than 2 shots and constantly apologizing to each other for their mistakes. Don’t reinvent the wheel here. Follow the system...it works!

Save Time & Money

The Solo Shot System in the membership uses a Game-based Approach (GBA). This is a new International Tennis Federation (ITF) coaching approach that helps players to play faster and better. In a GBA, the goal is to get players to play and help them to learn to play better practicing with each other to optimize their time to progress faster and therefore saving money.

No Guesswork Involved

Everything inside the membership is laid out crystal clear. You have the quick progression video series for different levels (1.0 if your totally beginner to 3.0 if you’ve somehow played tennis but you think you need to reexamine your fundamentals to lay down a solid foundation, you have a schedule to print out, a tracking progress system to measure results and a level certificate to grab once you reach a given milestone, and regular emails to keep you on the fast track to improvement. This course lays everything out clearly. There are no blank spaces, and no guesswork involved.

Play Smart Tennis on Auto-pilot

Tennis is a strange animal. It is a very simple game, yet it can be sometimes confusing to put everything together. A lot of intelligent people love tennis...but tennis is NOT rocket science. Rather it is a game of execution (tactics). The pros are able to play smart tennis on auto-pilot through practicing winning patterns that work. The good news is anyone can practice these patterns and use them to play winning tennis on auto-pilot. We will practice these patterns over and over again until you just start to work them in match play.

Real People. Inspiring Results

I have to say that of all the tentative I've tried to start tennis (I am 59 years old) your’s is unequalled and by far the best. Using when2meet platform in my work helped me connect with three colleagues wanting to play tennis and we're playing at least once a week. It was so easy and time saving to connect. Thank you Amine
Tennis 4 Apprentice member
Amine hi, I really liked your 1st kick start video as I’m a total beginner tried several times to play tennis never really got the hang of it... It's the first time I have heard the expression "Progressive Tennis" It makes a world of a difference when playing for the first time you see and understand the flow of progression and put gradually into action the little easy steps. WOW. I love it! Thank you, thank you!
Tennis 4 Apprentice member
Thank you, Tennis 4 Apprentice for giving me the opportunity to crunch the thirst of my tennis obsession by making it very affordable! I would have never been able to do if living on a budget…plus…being able to take you with me on trips (on my device), and being in the comfort of my neighborhood park changed my life. It feels like my tennis coach is always by my side!
Tennis 4 Apprentice member
Amine I just want to start off by saying thank you. I have really enjoyed watching and following the progression videos in your membership. The demonstrations and flow help explain some of the confusions I was having when playing tennis with my friends, or trying out different shots for tennis. Since I signed up (two months ago) I have really seen a huge improvement in my overall game but mainly in my rallies consistency. I can keep up even playing with players with higher pace. I can tell you I'm happy with my tennis right now and I would have never thought that tennis could have been that easy to learn when you have a system to follow. Thank you again
John Dubrule
Tennis 4 Apprentice member
Hi Amine! Just a quick greeting to say hello and how much I appreciate your style and teaching approach the(GBA) and being able to connect with my contacts through when2meet tool for a mutual hobby is icing on the cake for me it makes is so easy. Thank you Sir!
Paul Alexander
Tennis 4 Apprentice member

Connecting With Tennis Pals and Using the Solo Shots Do it Yourself Practice System is Just a Few Clicks Away!
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