About T4A

Welcome to www.tennis4apprentice.com… WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF.

We exist to make access to tennis for adult starters/beginners easier and affordable.  We do this by having the only Solo Practice System in the world that WORKS and available online.

My name is Amine, I’ve been teaching adult beginner tennis players for decades and I’m on a mission to help 100000 new beginner tennis players by end of 2025 to make them believe that the below way of playing is NOT the way to learn this beautiful sport.

Many people have tried to play tennis, probably at school or with friends and they end up playing what I call a game of “Sorry!”. Both players usually rush to the back of the court (because this is what they’ve just watched players at the US Open do!) and smack the ball to each other without ever getting a rally of more than 2 shots and are constantly apologizing to each other for their mistakes.

Did that ever happen to you?

Maybe or maybe not, but that is usually the frustration that leads people away from the beautiful game of tennis. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We have a system (solo shot progressive video tennis instructions on your phone that you can follow and easily apply) that has many beginner players of all abilities having a 20-50 shot rally in their first lesson with another total beginner, we have an approach that shows you some simple progressions that will have you playing controlled rallies in just a few hours!

Tennis is really an easy and fun game to play but has been complicated through the years by over choreographed coaching. You will see as you go through Tennis 4 Apprentice membership approach that tennis is truly a wonderful and simple game to play and learn and you can do it on your own terms with a very affordable budget!

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